MAPACS ASM21 - Programme

MAPACS Virtual 24th ASM / 37th AGM 2021

Day 1, 5th June 2021, Saturday

Opening Speech
Regunathan Villanayer – President of MAPACS

Plenary Lecture 1

Speaker: Kevin Chung
Chairman: V Regunathan

Applying Concepts of Reflection and Simulation in Life-long Training of a Surgeon

Symposium 1 – Wound Care

Chairman: S Somasundaram

Hyperbaric Therapy of Difficult Wounds – Mohd Nawar Ariffin
Total Scar Management – from Surgery to Conservative Therapies – Rei Ogawa

Free Scientific Presentations

Chairman: Tze Ming Yeoh / Thai Er Wong


1045 – 1055      (Loh Tian Fu)

Mandibular Three-point Bend Test with Wire-Anchor Technique    

1055 – 1105      (Jocelyn Yeo YH)

4-step Computerized Technique for Evaluating Implant Ossification       

1105 – 1115       (Lee Zhi Peng)

Creating a Mandibular Critical-sized Defect in a Porcine Model              

1115 – 1125      (Elijah Cai ZY)

Reconstruction of Mandibular Critical-sized Defect with Bioresorbable Polycaprolactone-tricalcium Phosphate Implant    

1125 – 1135      (Tan Yee Hau)

The Role of Titanium Mesh in Reconstruction of Orbital Wall Fractures: A Case Series 

1135 – 1145      (Mark Khoo JW)

Novel Method of On-fracture Contouring with Bioresorbable Plates in Orbital Fracture Reconstruction             

1145 – 1155      (Saw Chean Ying)

Review of Malignant Adnexal Tumours of the Skin: A Single Institution Experience   

1155 – 1205      (Adam Khoo BC)

Surgical Treatment of Basal Cell Carcinomas in a Plastic Surgery Unit – An Outcome Study of 186 Cases in 166 Patients    

1205 – 1215      (Karyn Lin WI)

Ear Moulding for Stahl’s Ear Deformity: A Personal Experience              

1215 – 1225      (Chooi Lai Kuan)

Breast Filler Injection: A Worrying Trend among Younger Women 

1225 – 1235      (Pavitra Ramasamy)

Managing Patients with Burn during the COVID 19 Pandemic: A Pilot Study on Remote Consulting Strategies by Hospital Selayang              

Plenary Lecture 2

Speaker: Kevin Chung
Chairman: Margaret Leow

Tailoring Intrinsic Flaps to Provide Aesthetic Reconstruction of the Hand

Symposium 2 – BIA-ALCL & Breast Reconstruction

Chairman: Chai Leng Lim

BIA-ALCL: A Case Report – Margaret Leow
BIA-ALCL Perspectives from the UK – Stephen McCulley
Modern Oncoplastic Surgical techniques for Breast Conservative Surgery – Stephen McCulley

Symposium 3 – Implant-related Breast Surgery

Chairman: Abdul Jalil Jidon

Deciding between Autologous and Implant-based Breast Reconstruction – Stephen McCulley
Transition from Textured to Smooth Breast Implants – Kien Seng Heng
Management of Implant Malposition – Kim Siea Lee

Day 2, 6th June 2021, Sunday

Plenary Lecture 3

Speaker: Jong-Woo Choi
Chairman: V Regunathan

The Philosophy and New Techniques for Craniofacial Surgery

Symposium 4 – Head and Neck

Chairman: Yang Kwang Lim

Nasal Reconstruction – Yen-Chang Hsiao
Reconstruction of Complex Facial Defects – Stanley Loo

Symposium 5 – Rhinoplasty

Chairman: Kim Tan

Secondary Rhinoplasty in Asians – Yen-Chang Hsiao
Management of Asian Hump Nose – Jong-Woo Choi
Personal Experience in the Management of Nasal Complications from the Insertions of Absorbable ‘Rods’ for Augmentation – Victor Cheong
Augmentation Rhinoplasty in Asian -The Tip of the Problem – Mohd Nasir bin Zahari

Symposium 6 – Periorbital Rejuvenation

Chairman: R Gunasagran

Lower Blepharoplasty with Blending of the Lid-Cheek Junction – R Angamuthu
Correction of Malar Festoon – R Angamuthu
Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty – Step by Step Guide with Autologous Fat Transfer – David Cheah
Managing the Brow– Kim Siea Lee

Special LectureV Surendranathan

Closing Remarks
Regunathan Villanayer – President of MAPACS

Annual General Meeting
(Ordinary Members only)

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